Marketplace Chat

Facilitate conversation between buyer and seller on your online marketplace. Boost engagement. Increase Conversion.

Marketplace Chat


Keep buyer and seller engaged with live conversations


Increase transactions between buyers and sellers with the chat


Offer one stop solution to buyers and sellers

Satisfied Customers

Keep customers satisfied and build your brand

Unified Experience

Our marketplace chat integrates seamlessly within your workflow right next to product listings. Buyers can start conversation quickly with seller about any product listing.

Unified Experience
Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Buyer can connect with the seller to enquire, negotiate and purchase product from within chat in real time. Seller can respond and close deals quickly.

Build Trust

Real-time communication channel between buyer and seller builds trust and confidence.

Increase Transactions

Faster turnaround time increases conversations on the platform.

Integrate marketplace chat into your buyer seller app now! 🎉

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